It Is Well

What a year it has been!


When I consider what was going on last year at this time, I am reminded about the foreboding that I felt then.  

Something was happening.  

Something I didn’t want to face.  

Something that I had been repressing for years.

It felt as if the ground underneath me was shifting and could give way at any minute.  


The truth is that it took about five more months before things started to get even more unsteady for me.  By the July 4th holiday, the bottom finally gave way and an avalanche of change was set in motion that could not be stopped.  My world was turned upside down and inside out for the next several months as I tried to gain my footing in a new reality.  “All other ground is sinking sand…” so the hymnist wrote.  


Flash forward to this past weekend.  


I am enjoying a CeCe Winans concert and in between songs she is talking about trials and tribulations.  My mind drifts quickly over the last year’s events and then it dove further into some of the traumas over the last 50 years.  While recalling the hurt and pain, I am suddenly engulfed with joy and love as I look over at my concert partner.  Feeling my gaze upon him, he turns and smiles—those beautiful brown eyes that twinkle in adoration, the dimples etched artistically near the corners of his mouth, and the crooked grin!  I lean in towards his ear and whisper with a hoarse voice filled with emotion, “I would go through it all again just to be with you.”  He quickly grabs my hand and squeezes gently as CeCe continues with a new song.  


“It is well…It is well with my soul.”

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